Monday, January 3, 2011

time flies....

I'm really glad that I decided to keep this blog up to date...5 months later and I'm only just getting to updating it. So much has happened, so it's a wonder I've not been on here... I'm going to try again to keep this up to date, and play catchup on what's been happening the last 5 months.....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

what a week

What a week it's been! things have been unbelievably crazy! 4 days of school and running around like a crazy person on my day off is taking it's toll on my body a little. But I'm surviving.
All in all new school went well. I survived the first week of classes! Thursday is going to be my favourite day I think, the teacher is laid back and honest and the work that we're doing in there is (so far) relatively straight forward. Which is a relief! Yesterday was probably the most full on day I'd had at school all week. My brain still hurts a little!
But last night I came home (the trip home took us 20 minutes longer than it should have because of this driver: 

....who averaged 20-30kms UNDER the speed limit 3/4 the way home...grrrr
 and my cousin had come from Melbourne to stay for the night, so that was great. A few drinks and he piked early, but it was good to catch up. He's not long left and so now I'm catching up on all things internet-y and trying to finish doing a bit of a external hard drive upgrade. Then I think it will be time for a nanna nap, got to pick a friend up from work at about 9.30 tonight, so I'll need a nap before then. Been up since 6.30 baking, cleaning and random other jobs...

I'm going to attempt to keep on top of this blog from now on. Now that I'm starting to get into a routine with things....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

to make up for...

...lack of posts, here's a photo that I took last November at the Nickelback concert in Melbourne.
I took it on my crappy old phone, but it's not too bad ey?

It's currently my background on my phone and I really do like it, considering the lighting conditions in the arena and the crappiness of my phone camera, it's not bad. Also shows how close I was to the stage (in this shot they were right at the front bit of the stage for a couple of shows, but where I was standing, was right in front of the 'main' stage) :) Loved it..But that's a post for another time... :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

first day of (new) school

Started my first day at TAFE today... It's a different experience and I think I enjoy the distance-ed thing a hell of a lot more. All the people in my course are weird and I'm just not sure about it all. It should be good overall and will give me another piece of paper, but I think it's now that I want to go back to what I've always wanted to year may be the year for that.....


This is Baz:

 Isn't he just looking like a cool cat with his new haircut?? 

For anyone who doesn't know, he's my awesome little bro.
We do a crap load of awesome stuff together like watching movies, me brainwashing him with all things Joss Whedon and my awesome taste in music!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the crazy sneeze-fearing cat

Tophe is afraid of sneezes! He runs to the furtherest he can be away from me whenever I sneeze. It's rather hilarious. He hears/feels the intake of air you take in just before a sneeze and he bolts...then after the fact, he slowly creeps back to where he was...he really is a crazy kitteh

first post...

I'm trying to decide what to do with this blog. Thought I'd make a 'grown-up' blog and try to post about all the things that happen in my life and the lives of my people and four-legged family. Going to try to post a photo a day too... it's a challenge that's going to be interesting...

To start off I'll introduce you to Topher, my 6 month old kitten:

Topher taking a break from watching 'Dancing with the Stars'

and Xandah, my crazy 10.5 year old cat:

Xandah after having been rudely woken up to have her photo taken...