Saturday, July 24, 2010

what a week

What a week it's been! things have been unbelievably crazy! 4 days of school and running around like a crazy person on my day off is taking it's toll on my body a little. But I'm surviving.
All in all new school went well. I survived the first week of classes! Thursday is going to be my favourite day I think, the teacher is laid back and honest and the work that we're doing in there is (so far) relatively straight forward. Which is a relief! Yesterday was probably the most full on day I'd had at school all week. My brain still hurts a little!
But last night I came home (the trip home took us 20 minutes longer than it should have because of this driver: 

....who averaged 20-30kms UNDER the speed limit 3/4 the way home...grrrr
 and my cousin had come from Melbourne to stay for the night, so that was great. A few drinks and he piked early, but it was good to catch up. He's not long left and so now I'm catching up on all things internet-y and trying to finish doing a bit of a external hard drive upgrade. Then I think it will be time for a nanna nap, got to pick a friend up from work at about 9.30 tonight, so I'll need a nap before then. Been up since 6.30 baking, cleaning and random other jobs...

I'm going to attempt to keep on top of this blog from now on. Now that I'm starting to get into a routine with things....

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